[OYC-189]3 Hours To Go Until The First Train We Were At A Friend's Farewell Party And Brought Home These Girls So We Could Seduce And Film Them, Even Though They're About To Get Married. These Girls Are Engaged To Be Married, So Their Guards

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今回は2組!しかも中出しver! 近々結婚しちゃう女友達2人組を送別会の二次会で家に連れ込み口説き落として隠し撮り!最初は超ガードが堅くて、中々いい雰囲気に持ち込めなかった彼女たちも宅飲みでガンガン飲んでいくうちに酔っ払って…徐々にガードが緩んできた!なのでタイミングを見計らい軽~いノリでお触り!始発まであと3時間。怒涛の勢いで加速するお触りはついに挿入へ発展!そして…

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